The Sofa

Furniture / Narrative objects
Materials: Cardboard box, Stripping
Released: 2023.5
The sofa is composed of from four BC corrugated cardboard boxes. Each box is reinforced from the inside and can hold up to 200kg. These cardboard boxes, which usually hold the product, become the product. This contradictory idea challenges the traditional role perception a cardboard box as just packaging.

This project is not about recycling. Instead, it's about giving a serious makeover to the simple cardboard box. Everything about the box, from its size, shape, and design, is completely redesigned. The size of the box is based on typical furniture packaging. Three smaller boxes are designed to fit into the largest box, which saves on transportation costs and introduces a new concept of 'packaging within packaging'.

Inspiration for the box's design comes from courier labels and patterns found on furniture packaging. This design approach not only organizes the information efficiently but also limits the box to its role as a package. The graphic pattern emphasizes the box over the content inside. It suggests that the cardboard box is packaging itself. The form of The Sofa is flexible. It can be changed and adjusted as needed, just like stacking cardboard boxes. The securing method can also be changed, whether it's with straps, tape, or executed in a refined or rough manner, to match different styles and tastes. This project turns the simple cardboard box from a backstage player into a star,finding a fresh perspective within the familiar, turning the ordinary objects to be extraordinary."