Foam Chair

Furniture / Narrative objects
Materials: Cardboard box, Packaging foam, Plastic stripping
Released: 2023.2
Foam Sofa is a redesign of chair packaging. It repositions the three protective foam pieces that would typically be found inside the package to the outside, tasking them with protecting the exterior cardboard box. This reordering of parts results in a design that resembles an armchair. This design upends traditional roles of packaging materials. Cheap outer layer becomes the part that's carefully protected and fulfils a primary function. The bonding of the foam and the cardboard box is secured not only by exterior straps but also reinforced internally using bolts, further testing the interplay between the cardboard and metal hardware.

By manipulating the traditional packaging, the Foam Sofa transforms the overlooked into the centrepiece and questions our notions of value and function in everyday materials.