The Cartons 
01 - Fragile sofa
02 - Fragile bag
03 - Foam chair
04 - The sofa

The Cartons is based on the everyday object of the cardboard box, exploring the individual expression of the ordinary cardboard box while pursuing the unity of form and expression. The whole project consists of several works, in order of development: fragile sofa, fragile bag, foam chair, carton case and the sofa, exploring the characteristics of the cardboard box in three aspects: form, function and identity.

The Cartons reflects a journey in search of revealing the neglected personality and greatness cardboard boxes. As ubiquitous objects, cardboard boxes are seen as temporary containers and protectors; they are permanently abandoned. The project' explores the physical and cultural features of the carboard box in original cultures and context. It takes advantage of the tendency of cartons to collapse and the context in packaging to raise a challengeable issue of why packaging only can be packaging. These characteristics are applied playfully into the forms of a series of carton furniture as triggers to challenge conventional notions of design, redefining what it means to create beauty and meaning in a world that is constantly evolving.